Gravity Belt Filter

Device description

The design of the beltfilter allows the removal of unwanted particles from a wide variety of fluids in many areas of the craft and industry.

A feed pump pumps the soiled liquid on top of the belt filter. Here, the coarse solid particles are filtered off. The filtered liquid flows to the fine filter pump, which pumps the liquid through the fine filter cartridges.

    • Mechanical filter technology

    • Automatic filter fleece feeding

    • Compact design

    • Robustly constructed

    • Easy handling

    • locally operated

    • Universal applicability

    • Low energie consumption

    • Low maintenance

      Area of operations

    • Process water supply

    • Cutting Fluid Maintenance

    • Pre-treatment systems

    • Chemical process liquids

    • Small parts washing equipment

    • Laboratories

    • Fruits / vegetables cleaning

    • Pre-filter for small beverage machines